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 Mold, Lead, Leaks and Broken Locks. Tenants Vent Fury at Housing Authority.
Public housing residents expressed their anger with squalid living conditions in their homes during an unusual public hearing in federal court.

Possible Mold in the Walls and an Unresponsive Board
A tenant in a co-op wants to see mold reports, but the board will not help.

Houston’s Floodwaters Are Tainted, Testing Shows
Water samples contained unsafe levels of fecal bacteria and other contaminants, both inside and outside homes, The Times found.

An Apartment With a Mold Problem
Management promised to get rid of the mold in her apartment, but never did, and now she has respiratory problems.

Rebuild or Leave?
The first town chartered by African Americans has battled two 100-year storms in under 20 years. Some see the ruins of homes, many covered in mold, as a lost cause. Others vow to rebuild.

Can I Expand the Deck at My Condo?
Building in a backyard, health issues at home and the ‘Sabbath’ elevator.

Judge to Appoint Monitor for Mold Repairs in New York Public Housing
A federal judge said the New York City Housing Authority had been out of compliance with a settlement’s requirements “from the day it was entered into court.”

The Risks of Asbestos, Russian or Not
The American Industrial Hygiene Association discusses health and safety issues.

E.P.A. Moves to ‘Close the Door’ on Asbestos. Consumer Groups Say Loopholes Remain.
The new rule will restrict uses of asbestos, a carcinogen, more than initially expected, but health advocates criticized it as falling short of the protections needed.

In Asbest, Russia, Making Asbestos Great Again
The largest maker of the deadly fiber is making a comeback, and it says it has an ally in President Trump.

Johnson & Johnson Cleared by New Jersey Jury in Latest Talc Cancer Trial
The verdict is the latest in a series of lawsuits over accusations that the company’s powder products contained asbestos and caused a consumer’s cancer.

Johnson & Johnson Hit With $29 Million Verdict in Case Over Talc and Asbestos
The company’s stock dipped on Thursday after a California jury found in favor of a woman who claimed that asbestos in the company’s talc-based powders caused her cancer.

F.D.A. Confirms Asbestos in Claire’s Products and Calls for Stronger Regulation
Scott Gottlieb, the F.D.A.’s outgoing commissioner, said the agency must “modernize” its “outdated” approach to cosmetics safety, especially when dealing with talc and asbestos.

Johnson & Johnson Loses Bid to Overturn a $4.7 Billion Baby Powder Verdict
A judge in Missouri upheld the verdict, one of the largest personal injury awards on record, in which women said their ovarian cancer was linked to the company’s baby powder.